Electronic Certification System (ECS)


Electronic Certification System (ECS) is a web based solution designed to manage and maintain Phytosanitary (plant health) certificate data and generate both paper based and paperless certificates for plants and plant products moving in international trade. It provides an assurance that the product being certified meets the importing country’s requirements.
ECS users can view the status of their online request and access its history during entire life cycle of the application. This enables the user to keep track of the application in real time thus providing opportunity for response in case of a query. Automation of background workflow processes results in speedy processing of these applications saving time and easing workload.

Movement of goods and services in international trade often raises concerns of security, delays in schedules and delivery time lines and errors in documentation. These three major concerns forms complex web such that for products to get through from origin to destination there are loses whose costs are either passed on to the consumer of borne by the supplier. Use of Information Technology (IT) has been found to significantly reduce these loses by streamlining trade facilitation process as well as increased efficiency

Export of plants, plant products and regulated articles requires plant health (Phytosanitary) certification by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) in compliance with importing country requirements. A Phytosanitary certificate accompanies an export consignment to the port of entry of the importing country, and therefore acts as a passport to the product. Processing of Phytosanitary certificate involves gathering vital information and impressing  it on paper in conformity with International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures number 12 (ISPM 12). Manual Preparation of Phytosanitary certificates is a tedious process and prone to errors especially when hundreds of certificates have to be prepared in defined timelines. Paper documents are also prone to fraudulence, alteration, loss and or defacing making them unacceptable at destination country. Replacement of lost or verification of fraudulent documents takes time and therefore causes delays which affect product quality and attract other handling charges.

The Electronic Certification System (ECS) is therefore designed to

  • Increase the robustness of the pre-certification verification checks
  • Improve the efficiency of the export certification process
  • Significantly reduce the risk of errors, loss, defacing and or fraudulent documents.
  • Provide a means to improve the quality and range of data from which strategic decisions can be made
  • Reduce the total cost of verification and certification
  • Provide the ability to rapidly respond to increasingly changing market requirements.
  • Enable importing countries to pre-clear consignments before the actual product arrives.

Electronic Certification System (ECS)

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