Ol Choro Field Day Shows Barley Farmers How to Manage the Brome Grass Weed

Ol Choro, Narok County - As a regulator in the agriculture sector, KEPHIS organizes and takes part in farmer field days countrywide to sensitize farmers on the importance of using certified agricultural inputs such as seed, water, fertilizer and soil and to show farmers the importance of managing pests and diseases on their farms for good yields.

To achieve her mandate, KEPHIS works with various stakeholders such as seed companies, agro-chemical companies, other private sector players and research institutions.

In Narok County, Barley farmers face the challenge of Brome grass weed which has continued to be a menace to their farming. Thus, KEPHIS together with some seed companies and the county government of Narok organized for a farmer’s field day to show farmers how to eradicate the weed from their farms. The event was held at Ol Choro in Mr. David Kilesi’s. The strategies demonstrated were use of certified seeds, use of effective herbicides and crop rotation.
Other crops planted were Irish potatoes Wheat, peas, canola, Carrots, and Sunflower.

Sunflower, Peas, Irish Potato and Canola demonstration plots

The field day was attended by over 300 farmers, County representatives, stakeholders (Kenya Seed Company, University of Eldoret, Syngenta, Bayer, Coopers Limited, East Africa Malting Limited, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock and Research Organization KALRO- Njoro), Agiventure) and the Ministry of Agriculture in Narok County. Africa Malting Limited, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock and Research Organization KALRO- Njoro), Agiventure) and the Ministry of Agriculture in Narok County.

Farmers at the KEPHIS stand


The KEPHIS General Manager for Quality Assurance Mr. Simeon
Kibet(3rd right) who was the guest of honour and represented the Managing
Director addressed farmers and other dignitaries during the event.

Chelangat Tonui from the KEPHIS Nakuru Regional office
explaining services to the farmers

Farmers were strongly urged to plant certified seeds so as to get high yields; emphasis was also put on how to identify certified seeds in licensed seed shops. The KEPHIS also showed them how to identify genuine seed by looking at quality marks that include the new seed labels.

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