Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) would like to report that the avocado export market to South Africa has finally been re-opened after long negotiations spearheaded by KEPHIS and other stakeholders; negotiations have been ongoing since 2007 when the market was closed. Kenya lost the avocado market due to the fruit fly pest (which after various studies has found the quarantine effect to be negligible under standard export conditions). Efforts have been underway to gain back the market since then.

KEPHIS has also been spearheading the production and marketing of avocado to other markets as the fruit, particularly the hass variety, is in demand internationally due to its taste, oil content, texture and size.
As per the South African requirements, KEPHIS expects that avocado exporters have their firms and pack houses registered and approved by KEPHIS and audited for compliance in line with the system approach requirements by South Africa.
With the re-opening of the South African market, KEPHIS, as the phytosanitary regulator expects that farmers and exporters shall comply with requirements to maintain this key market.

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