Farmers Sensitized on the Importance of Orphan Crops during the Kambi Mawe Field Day

Kambi Mawe, Makueni County - Over 600 farmers attended a field day at Kambi Mawe in Makueni County whose main aim was to sensitize them on the importance of foods that were hitherto referred to as orphan crops.

At the event attended by Governor Kivutha Kibwana, Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau, Agricultural Research PS Prof. Hamadi Boga, CEC Lawrence Nzonga, Makueni MP Hon. Dan Maanzo, KEPHIS MD Dr Esther Kimani and Kenya Daily Board MD Margaret Kibogy, farmers were taught the importance of growing ndengu, cowpeas, nightshade, pigeon peas, pearl millet, sorghum, dolichos, amarathus, among others. Farmers and dignitaries who attended the event also sampled foods from the crops such as sorghum pilau, amaranthus porridge, ndengu mix..all this accompanied by traditional chicken. The aim was to show how the foods are prepared after planting and harvesting. Guests also sampled the popular Makueni mangoes that are now in season.
Governor Kibwana was pleased at the collaboration between the National government and Makueni County and urged the farmers to grow the crops and to inculcate what they had learned during the field day. Prof. Boga, who represented the CS for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri, urged the farmers to embrace agriculture as a business and to understand the dynamics of producing crops in a sustainable manner that will earn them good incomes. The PS noted that agriculture that was practiced in yester years may not be applicable today, noting that Kenya has a burgeoning population, currently at 48 million that needs to be fed.
"Due to land sub-division, the areas of land are getting smaller and smaller, hence the dynamics of agricultural production must change," he reiterated.
KEPHIS MD Dr Esther Kimani urged the farmers to consider their neighbour in the production of food.
"Consider your neighbour when producing food as there are those that are depending on you to produce food for them as they do not grow food, “she stated
The event was made possible through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Feed the Future project.

Agricultural Research PS Prof Hamadi Boga(right), KEPHIS Board Member Ms Lucky Litole(2nd left) and KEPHIS MD Dr Esther Kimani(left) paying a courtesy call to Prof Kivutha Kibwana(2nd right) in Wote town, Makueni County before the start of the Kambi Mawe field day.

Prof Kibwana and PS Boga appreciating some of the crops planted during the Kambi Mawe field day.

Makueni MP Hon. Dan Maanzo sampling amaranthus (terere) porridge during the Kambi Mawe field day.

Agricultural Research PS Prof Boga(left) and Makueni Governor Kibwana sampling amaranthus(terere) porridge during the Kambi Mawe field day.

Youth acting out the importance of growing ndengu during the Kambi Mawe field day.

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