KEPHIS hands over High Yielding Food Crops to Mukuria Primary School in Support of School Feeding Program

Mukuria Primary School, Embu - KEPHIS through one of its core values Corporate Social Sustainability (CSS) has prepared a demonstration plot to educate parents and farmers at Mukuria Primary School in Embu County and its environs on suitable crop varieties and use of planting materials.

The activity was aimed at promoting food security and nutrition which has been enhanced by supporting the school’s lunch program for children from humble backgrounds.


Mukuria Secondary students entertaining the guests during the CSS handing over ceremony of food crops to support school feeding program at Mukuria primary school

During the official opening of the event, Mr. Simeon Kibet, KEPHIS General Manager for Quality Assurance mentioned the importance of planting certified seeds. He also urged the youth to engage in agriculture since it requires minimal capital to start and creates income. “Kenya as a third world country and its economy can be boosted through agriculture which is the economy’s backbone.”
At the event, farmers were trained on the importance of buying seedlings from certified nurseries and how to identify them. They were also urged to be keen on lot numbers of the seeds bought and to ensure purchases are only made from licensed seed stockists.
“Ensure you plant clean planting materials to get high yields and also plant avocado and macadamia since they are in demand locally and internationally leading to increase of the country’s Gross Domestic Product,” said Ephraim Wachira, KEPHIS Officer-in-Charge, Embu Regional Office.

Mr. Simeon Kibet, KEPHIS GM for Quality Assurance (left) explaining about the seed sticker label on certified seeds
200 avocado seedlings were donated to the farmers present. KEPHIS then handed over packets of high yielding maize varieties, namely; Phb 3253, SY 594, H513, SC Duma 43; Irish potatoes Dutch Robjin (2nd generation), Asante (2nd generation) and Shangi; Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (kabode variety) and Cassava ready for harvest in support of the school’s feeding program.

Mr. Simeon Kibet, KEPHIS GM for Quality Assurance handing over food crops ready for harvest to Ms. Catherine Njue, Head teacher Mukuria Primary School and right the GM showcasing mature maize planted at the school grounds

Ms. Catherine Njue, Head teacher Mukuria primary school, thanked KEPHIS for donating food and infrastructure. She offered a free field for National Performance Trials (NPT) and Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) trials by KEPHIS.

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