European Union and Australian Exporters Consultative Meeting Charts Ways to Mitigate Against Interceptions of Produce

KEPHIS Headquarters, Nairobi - KEPHIS held a consultative meeting with over 200 exporters to the European Union (EU) and Australian markets at its headquarters whose aim was to come up with ways to curb pests of concern to those markets.

KEPHIS MD Dr. Esther Kimani, advised the exporters to adjust to the dynamic changes in markets so as to export effectively. She noted that the False Codling Moth (FCM) is still a challenge that needs urgent attention from all stakeholders so as to preserve the markets. "Understand the necessity of mitigating the FCM which is a pest of concern," she said.
Mr. Eric Were, Officer In-charge at JKIA took the exporters through compliance levels in the Australian market. It was noted that Kenya is among the largest exporters of roses in the world with 38% market share of the EU market which included Netherlands, France, Germany, and Norway. From the total horticultural export in 2018, cut flower earnings grew to 73% from 71% in 2017. He urged them to reduce interceptions by having correct documentation, have all documentation such as additional declarations, having correct consignee addresses and complete plant passports.
KEPHIS formulated action points for the Australian market and these included registration of farms accredited to Australia, consolidators to provide a list of the farms they source from and provide a detailed report for each farm, develop a compliance datasheet to be filled and signed by exporters committing themselves that cut flowers delivered at JKIA for exit inspection is complying and developing data to show the number of consignments inspected, complying and those complying (indicate the pest detected) from each inspector.

GM Phytosanitary Services Dr Isaac Macharia speaking to plant exporters on the importance of adhering to requirements of the European Union and Australian markets at a meeting held recently.

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