Makueni County Government Launches Campaign to Eradicate Fruit Fly in Mango

Kwa Kathoka, Makueni County - A campaign dubbed Komesha! Fruit Fly Ufaidike has been launched in Makueni County aimed at improving the production and quality of mangoes in the area to access markets. The campaign, which will run for two years, is set to ensure that Kenyan mangoes meet the standards of overseas markets such as the European Union (EU).

KEPHIS in partnership with the County Government of Makueni, Feed the Future Kenya Crops and Dairy Market, Rockefeller Foundation, Technoserve, United Nations International Development Organization, mango researchers, traders and innovators spearheaded the campaign against the fruit fly. Speaking at Kwa Kathoka ATC grounds in Makueni, Dr. Oscar Magenya, representing the PS Agriculture stated that they would be establishing at least one modern pack house that would be fitted with hot water treatment equipment to deal with the issues of post-harvest losses. “Good Agricultural Practices will go a long way in increasing mango production and ultimately your income,” he told the over 1,000 participants at the event.

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, said that the campaign was necessary as the fruit fly had cost them huge losses both locally and abroad. He therefore called on farmers to work together and put into practice what they had been taught so as to regain the lucrative EU market that we lost due to interceptions of mango brought about by the fruit fly.

KEPHIS GM of Phytosanitary Services, Dr. Isaac Macharia began by announcing that 2020 had been declared as the International Year of Plant Health and it sought to provide a platform to raise awareness on the importance of plant health in addressing global issues such as hunger and poverty. Therefore the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign was in line with the phytosanitary theme for the year. He reiterated that fruit flies are

serious pests that damage over 200 types of fruits and vegetables and Kenya loses about KES 50 billion annually due to the pest. He stated that a pest free area is a geographical area, under which a specific pest does not occur or has been completely eradicated and can be demonstrated by scientific evidence and in which, where appropriate, this condition is being officially maintained.

Dr. Oscar Magenya, representative of the PS Agriculture, urging farmers to adopt Good Agricultural Practices in their farms during the Launch of the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign in Makueni County

Makueni Governor, Prof. Kivutha Kibwana calling on farmers to work together to eliminate the fruit fly pest during the Launch of the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign in Makueni County

KEPHIS GM Phytosanitary Services, Dr. Isaac Macharia, explaining to farmers the impact of the fruit fly menace to Kenya’s economy during the Launch of the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign in Makueni County

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