Clients obligations

All  clients have a right to service and should:-
- Be conversant with and adhere to the provisions of the Laws and regulations governing the operations of KEPHIS (e.g State Corporations Act - Cap 446, Exchequer and Audit Act (Public Procurement) regulations, Plant Protection Act - Cap 324, The Agricultural Produce (Export) Act - Cap 319, The Suppression of Noxious Weeds Act - Cap 325, The Seeds and Plant Varieties  Act - Cap 326, The Agriculture Act - Cap 318, prevailing international laws and treaties, and others).

Note that it is an offence to contravene provisions of these laws and regulations.
- Understand and observe any other terms and conditions under which KEPHIS services are offered including need to make timely Enquiries.
- Pay promptly for services rendered.
- Use prescribed documents to request for services.
- Provide requisite information in time.
- Communicate any changes (e.g. change of company name, address) in writing, for ease of reference. 
- Exercise professionalism and respect in dealing with KEPHIS staff.
- Not offer any form of inducement with the intention of compromising any KEPHIS officer.

Note: It is an offence to forge Government / KEPHIS documents.

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