Welcome to KEPHIS Naivasha Regional Office

The Naivasha Office opened in April 2008, to concentrate in the inspection of places of production as opposed to final produce inspection and to bring KEPHIS services close to the clients in the horticultural hub.

Phytosanitary inspections and certifications form the main activity with over 70 active exporting companies’ majority being cut-flower farms, a lesser number of propagation facilities, plants for planting, nurseries, breeders, vegetables and fruits farms. There is also a bit of seed certifications for a few farms doing small scale flower and vegetable seed production and seed premise inspection for renewal of seed seller’s licenses.

Jurisdiction: Naivasha office activities cuts across three counties of Nyandarua (Engineer, Njambini, Ndaragwa, Ol Klou, Oljororook, Kipipiri and Kinangop Subcounties), Nakuru (Naivasha and Gilgil Sub counties) and Narok  (Narok East Sub county).

Core activities:

  • Phytosanitary activities
    • Scheduled inspections of plants for planting and those doing propagation for local sales. The frequency of the inspections is determined by the market standards and specifications required by the importing countries i.e every three weeks for EU countries and monthly for the Unite States of America. The scope of the inspections involves inspection of the greenhouses, production systems, scouting systems, spray program, collections of pests for identification and later giving reports to the farms on the results.                                          
    • Auditing of crop protection and quality control systems for farms exporting cut flowers to various market destinations for quarantine pests like the false codling moths and leaf miner. This process begins from inspection at the farm to the packhouse and assessing the quality checks in place to ensure that the final produce exported has met export standards.
    • Auditing/inspecting treatment facilities such as those dealing with devitalisation
    • Follow up on interceptions and rejections. These are non-compliances that inspectors follow up to assess the root cause and check if the measures put in place are adequate to prevent a recurrence
    • Nursery inspections for those who are doing seedling production of vegetables and fruits to supply to the local farmers
    • Issuance of both Phytosanitary certificates for material that has complied and plant import permits to bring in permitted products.
  • Seed certification: This is done through post certification surveys just before the long and short rains seasons and also inspection of small scale vegetable and flower seed production
  • Training and awareness for clients and other collaborative activities like Field days and Hortifair
  • Any other collaborative activities either with County staff or other Government Agencies for the good of the farmers/Exporters

Naivasha Regional Office
P.O. Box 2001-20117, Naivasha
Cell: 0795 057144/145
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