• To protect plants from pests, weeds and invasive species.
  • To facilitate review and strengthening of the policy, legal and regulatory framework, so that it is in tandem with both local and international agricultural sector emerging issues.
  • To contribute towards improved levels of agricultural productivity.
  • To support compliance with market requirements.
  • To build adequate technical and infrastructural capacity to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of the KEPHIS mandate.
  • To mobilize adequate financial resources and ensure optimal allocation and utilization to enable full implementation of planned programmers and activities.
  • To enhance synergies through information and resource sharing with stakeholders and partners.
  • To enhance the visibility and corporate image of KEPHIS

The following strategic themes, issues, objectives and strategies have been identified as priority areas for implementation in the plan period for KEPHIS to successfully achieve its mandate, mission and vision.


Theme 1: Protection of Plant Resources

Strategic Issue 1: Pests, weeds and invasive species managemant
Objective 1: To protect plants from pests, weeds and invasive species

1.1.Enhance diagnostic and advisory services
1.2.Safeguard against introduction and spread of harmful organisms
1.3.Support implementation of Biosafety Act
1.4.Enforce regulations on imports while facilitating trade
1.5.Carry out pest surveillance, monitoring, emergency response and reporting