Seed Certification Services

All intending to trade/import/export seed must register with KEPHIS as seed merchants. A seed Import Permit and Plant Import Permit must be obtained before any importation of seed is undertaken. All imported seed must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and an international Seed Testing Association (ISTA). Seeds of all crops are subjected to laboratory quality tests upon arrival and must meet the gazetted minimum standards before being offered for sale. Similarly, all seed for export must meet the gazetted minimum standards and be accompanied by Kenya's phytosanitry certificate and an export permit.

Farmers should:

  1.  Consult the Agricultural Extension Service for advice on the suitability of various crop varieties for their specific regions.
  2.  Buy seeds from recognised dealers/agents/stockists who must display their licence and the name of the company they are representing.
  3.  Avoid buying seed weighed from opened packets. All seed packets must have the original seal by the seed company and must be properly labelled.
  4.  Upon payment, insist on being issued with an official receipt, which should be retained. The empty seed packets and any other labels accompanying the seed should not be destroyed, as they will help in tracing the source of such seed in case of problems.


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