Mr John Angaine - Director

Appointed on 3rd May, 2019
Mr. Angaine is an experienced manager and leader at National and County Government levels with vast experience and exposure in institutional development and growth for social and economic benefits for the Kenyan people and the International Community. Previously, he has worked in the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Ministry of Public Works. He is involved in private business which entails; managing large scale horticultural farming for export; managing zero grazing dairy farming; managing wheat farming for commercial and seed production; and managing petroleum products in partnership with Total Kenya.

In his leadership role, he has participated in management at National and Community levels which entails: planning and development of strategic interventions; educating County employees and the general public on National values and principles stipulated in the Constitution; he has organized and supported youth projects on social and economic empowerment; he has organized and advised women groups for preparation and formulation of project proposals for funding; and he also serves as a Church elder for the Methodist Church of Kenya. Mr. Angaine was awarded by the retired President His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, a Presidential Farmers’ Competition award scheme National Large Scale Farm Competition as the Farmer of the year during the Agricultural Society of Kenya Show at Nairobi.

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