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KEPHIS Departments

The Planning and implementation department plays a coordinative role in the development, implementation and evaluation of operational plans and strategies in support of the KEPHIS mandate.

The department also provides oversight in the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and maintenance of integrated Quality Management Systems in the organization.

Key focus areas for the department include;

  1. Organize the process of institutional Strategic Plans development.
  2. Developing the institutional Annual Work Plans.
  3. Coordinate the process of Performance Contract targets negotiation and vetting in liaison with management and prepare the Corporation Performance Contract with the Government.
  4. Coordinate the process of institutional monitoring and evaluation for the Performance Contract and Annual Work Plans.
  5. Verify and collate evidence on the implementation of the Performance Contract for mid-term and end-term evaluation by the Performance Contracting department, Ministry of Devolution & Planning.
  6. Compile and analyze data for the preparation of the Corporation’s Annual Report.
  7. Coordinate Customer feedback mechanisms in the organization.
  8. Coordinate Quality Management systems implementation and certification.
  9. Assign duties for Internal auditors during Internal audits and Quality management assessments.
  10. Development of position papers on various aspects/activities of the Corporation from time to time.
  11. Participation in the institutional budgetary process under the MTEF framework.