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KEPHIS Regional Offices
Kephis Kisumu Office

Service Regions

KEPHIS Kisumu regional office is situated at Kenya Ports Authority-ICD office along Kisumu-Kibos Road. The regional office covers nine (9) counties in Nyanza and part of the Western Region namely; Kisumu, Siaya, Homabay, Migori, Kisii, Nyamira, Kakamega, Vihiga and Busia counties.

The office has other affiliated offices including Busia Plant Inspection Unit located at Busia Custom’s yard, Isebania Plant Inspection Unit located at Isebania Custom’s yard, Kisumu Pier office situated at Kisumu Pier and Kisumu International Airport office located at Kisumu International Airport.

The regional office has been in operation in the region since January 2006.

Services Offered

The major services offered include;

1. Seed Certification services

  • Licensing of seed sellers
  • Registration of seed crops
  • Seed Field Inspections

2. Phytosanitary Services

  • Plant Inspection and the border points
  • On-farm inspections
  • Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates (PC)
  • Issuance of Plant Import Permits (PIP)
  • Nursery inspection and certification
  • Facility inspection/ certification
  • Farm visits (pest management)

3. Plant Variety Protection

  • Establishment of NPT and DUS trials and data collection

4. Farmer Advisory Services

  • for walk-in customers/farmers, farm visits, and during exhibition, field days, and Agricultural shows

1. Statistical Information

Information that could be included on the Home page from our region include:-

  1. Certified Nurseries within the Region
# County/Sub-County/Town or Centre Nursery Name & Address, Contacts Seedling Type
1 Kakamega Businde Nursery
P.o Box 144-50104,
Tel: +254 735680958
2 Kisumu Green Future Society Tel: +254 727969911 Avocado-1000
  Kisumu National Irrigation Board-Ahero
Tel: +254 722886341
3 Kisii Aberdare Technology Ltd
P.o. Box 418-01000
  Kisii Agroplant Technology Ltd
P.o 23143-0064
4 Migori Winners Nursery
P.o Box 275-40400
5 Siaya Hill View Investment 2015 Ltd
P.o Box 219-40600 Siaya
Tel: +254 708183641
  Siaya Lake Kanyaboli Nursery
P. O Box 1131-40600
Tel: +254 720425420


b. List of commodities imported in the region in the last financial year.

Commodity Quantity in Kg
Bananas 30,615
Beans 47,775,310
Cabbage 2,000
Cassava Chips 497,800
Cassava Flour 498,090
Coal 3,139,210
Coffee 61,900
Cotton Seedcake 15,005,250
Cotton Seed Meal 421,000
F. Millet 4,126,930
Frenchbeans 1,535,182
Ginger 542,542
Green Grams 442,830
Ground Nuts 687,340
Lemon 358,260
Maize 92,397,620
Maize Bran 25,792,090
Maize Germ 10,705,370
Cotton Lint 25,000
Mangoes 2,689,626
Oranges 3,596,870
Onion 15,690
Paw Paw 3,355,410
Pineapple 6,490,706
Pumpkin 364,800
Raw Timber 25,032,000
Rice Germ 769,248
Rice Polish 1,039,197
Ricebran 804,000
Sim Sim 830,640
Sorghum 765,900
Soya Beans 1,372,410
Sunflower Seedcake 558,710
Sunflower Seedmeal 160,000
Tamarind 97,235
Tangerines 7,685
Tea Leaves 3000
Tobacco 25,800
Tomatoes 4,995,096
Watermelon 2,208,847
Wheat Pollard 1,885,280
Wheat Bran 4,103,040
TOTAL 265,215,533


c. List of exported commodities within the region in the last Financial Year.

Commodity Quantity in Kg
Irish Potatoes 580,580
Carrots 2,919,600
Beans 128,800
Garden Peas 20,000
Barley 215,870
Chia Seeds 16,100
Plums 18,000
Grapes 7,000
Onions 580,200
Rice 694,840
Rock Samples 2,910.8
Brachiara Mulato (Ii) Seeds 50
Maize Seeds 30,000
Sorghum 75,000
Mangoes 165,100
TOTAL 5,553,111


d. Germ Plasm exchange (Imports) within the region in the last financial year.

Germ Plasm Importer Quantity (Kgs) Country of Origin
Brachiara sp. Advantage Crops LTD 300 Mexico
Brasiacea sp. Advantage Crops LTD 1 U.S.A
oryza sativa Prof. Ayiecho Olweny 7.5 China
Pongamia spp. David Ligare 1,000,000 plantlets India
Cocoa sp. KALRO Muguga 300 Accra, Ghana
Sorghum bicolor Dr. Evans Ouma 2 Australia
Onions Adantage Crops LTD 0.3 U.S.A
Tomato Advantage CROPS LTD 1.9 U.S.A
Water Melon Adantage Crops LTD 1.8 U.S.A
Capsicum sp. Adantage Crops LTD 0.3 U.S.A
Sorghum bicolor Evans Ouma 3.2 Mali
Amaranthus Christine Omboko 0.06 Tanzania
Brassica sp. Christine Omboko 0.1 Tanzania
Black Nightshade Christine Omboko 0.02 Tanzania
phaseolus sp. Reuben Otsyula 6.8 Uganda
  TOTALS 617.48  


Germ Plasm exchange (Export) within the region in the last financial year.

Germ Plasm Importer Quantity (Kgs) Destination
Oryza sativa Winfred Kore Kauro 0.11 Ivory Coast


Number of seed sellers within the region.

# Status  
1 Agents 59
2 Sub- Agents 8
3 Stockists 799
  TOTAL 866


2. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure of registration as a seed stockiest?

  1. What are the requirement for importation/exportation of plant material?
  2. What are the procedure for soil sampling and analysis and what are the charges?
  3. Which varieties are suitable for planting in our region? Do KEPHIS produce seed?
  4. How can I know fake seed? What are the services offered by KEPHIS?
  5. What are the charges for nursery inspection? What are the procedure for nursery certification?


3. CSS Activity within the Region

KEPHIS Kisumu Region was tasked by Corporate Social Sustainability Committee to undertake the above activity as per our PC and work plan for 2018/2019 financial year. In line with this, Lunza Primary school in Butere Sub County, Kakamega County was identified for the CCS activity. The school has an active 4K club and has been involved in production of beans and maize on small scale on its approximately 2 Acres of land with permanent source of water from their borehole.
After deliberation with the school management, a greenhouse with complete piping water system and storage main water tank was installed to the site and two hybrid tomato seedlings (Tylca F1 and Proster F1) was planted in the green house on 6th April 2019. Additionally, during the onset of rains several Maize Varieties, Beans, Soya beans, Sweet potatoes, Upland rice varieties was planted by our staff together with 4K club pupils.

The objective was to impart knowledge to school pupil with farming technologies in addition to use of certified seed, management of pests and diseases on crops and other KEPHIS services and our mandates in Protecting Kenya’s Agriculture.

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