Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Application of importation of genetically modified organism (GMOs), are considered by the Kenya National Biosafety Authority (NBA). KEPHIS enforces the regulations and guidelines together with the NBA as a regulatory agency.

The Institution is represented as follows:

  • Member of the National Biosafety Authority Board and Institutional Bio-safety Committees – IBCs
  • Member of National Food Safety Coordination Committee
  • Member of National Codex Committee

On-going work on genetically engineered plants

  • Testing GMO varieties for release
  • Testing seed to ensure genetic purity
  • Confirming that ordinary permits for non –GMO material are not used to introduce un-authorized GMO into the country

Capacity building Activities

  • Laboratory capacity to detect genetically modified materials has been strengthened.
  • Staff continues to be trained for GMO detection and decision making.
  • Monitoring and testing

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