Phyto-Sanitary Services

The Plant Health Clinics
The Plant health clinics offer the following services:

  •     Diagnosis of pests / diseases found on plant materials intercepted at the point of entry
  •     Diagnosis of plant disease / pest problems on samples brought by farmers
  •     Identification of the pathogens and pests causing plant damage
  •     Advisory on disease / pest management strategies
  •     Train students and farmers on areas related to crop protection

The plant pathology clinic diagnoses disease and nematode problems in plant and soil specimens, carries out identification of the pathogen and then advises farmers on disease management (prevention / control) options.

The entomology clinic has an insect collection database which serves as an important referral collection on taxonomy and advisory service from crop pests in Kenya. Pest damage problems on crops are diagnosed at the clinic, pests identified and appropriate preventive and control measures recommended to the client.

Plant Quarantine
The station fulfils a very important phase of plant protection progrmme during the transfer of plant genetic materials by preventing the introduction of plant pest, disease and noxious weeds. Latent infections of seeds and other plant preparative organs with viruses, fungi, bacteria or nematode may occur even after treatment; at the plant quarantine imported high risk plant materials are grown under observation for certain period of time before they are released to the importer. This reduces the chances of introduction of harmful pathogens.

Viruses infected breeders' seed or high value plant materials are cleaned through themotherapy and chemotherapy. Meristem tips of the treated plants are then cultured to produce disease free material.

Plant inspectors from the quarantine station visit farms during the crop growing period to certify that phytosanitary conditions specified by the importer are adhered to. If the fields are certified to be free from the specified diseases or pests, then a phytosanitary certificate is issued to indicate the health status of the plant material at the time of the inspection.

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