Phyto-Sanitary Services

Collaborations with Government Institutions and International Community
KEPHIS collaborates with various institutions in promotion of sustainable agricultural and economic growth.

Some of our collaborators include:

The International Potato Center (CIP)
CIP has collaborated with Plant Quarantine Station since the late 190's in virus cleaning up and multiplication of disease free potato germplasm for distribution in Easter African countries.

Collaboration with Sisal Board/UNIDO
At the plant quarantine station, tissue culture systems for culturing disease free and rapid multiplication of sisal and other Agave species are developed and used.

Collaboration with International Institute for tropical Agriculture (IITA)
The collaborative activities include upgrading of the Plant Quarantine facilities, germplasm acquisition, clean up of virus infected material, and facilitation of exchange  of germplasm within the Eastern Africa region.

Collaboration with Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
The project dated back to the 190's and it involves rapid multiplication of disease free material of new pyrethrum cultivars that are released by the breeders.

Collaboration with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)
KEPHIS collaborates with KARI in carrying out surveys for pest risk analysis and in acquisition of relevant crop protection information through research.

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